meta name="description" content="Algebra Mind is a multi- step program designed to assist any child, age 2-9 years of age and give your Child an Algebra Mind."/>

The Video Game That Stimulates The Genius In Kids, Ages 2-9.

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Algebra In 9 Seconds !!!!!

Albert Einstein believed that it was the early years that made the difference in a childs intelligence.

This is why we created Algebra Mind, because genius begins at 2.

Question: Can Genius Be Learned?

The answer is an unequivocal yes.


















Algebra Mind is a multi- step program. This is just Step 1, which deals with only Step 1 Algebra problems. Step 2 Algebra will be in our next release.

It is designed to assist any child, age 2-9 years of age in:

1) Doing hundreds of step 1 algebra problems,

2) Completing each problem within seconds

3) And never, ever getting any of them wrong.

Give Your child the gift of Intelligence.

Give your Child an Algebra Mind.

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