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Algebra In 9 Seconds !!!!!

Albert Einstein said that it was the early years that made the difference in kids intelligence.

This lead to the question can intellectual ability be increased?

The answer was an unequivocally yes.


Dennis Allums is the fifth of five children born to Charles Henry Allums, former
instructor and counselor at Contra Costa College and Betty Allums PhD, former
Director of BACUP Teacher Education Program at University of California at

His formative years were spent in El Cerrito, California where he attended local
schools, graduating from El Cerrito High School. His higher education training
began at University of California Davis. A year later, he transferred to the
Berkeley Campus where he received his Bachelors of Arts Degree in Intentional

After graduation, he worked as a circulation manager for The Oakland Tribune and
then as an administrative assistant at a residential facility for youth. Currently he is
a published writer and a licensed Real Estate Broker, practicing in the city of
Oakland California, his place of birth. His hobbies include song writing, music
production, and film making and working out at the local gym.

Today, he spends most of his time working with a branch of mathematics called probability analysis and of course, Algebra Mind; the genius baby sitter. The product that can teach your child algebra, eventually being able to complete hundreds of step 1 algebraic expressions, each within seconds.

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