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Algebra In 9 Seconds !!!!!

Albert Einstein said that it was the early years that made the difference in kids intelligence.

This lead to the question can intellectual ability be increased?

The answer was an unequivocally yes.

The Science Behind Algebra and The Mind


Algebra Mind, designed for children ages two and above, is not just math but Algebra, and only requires the ability to count to 10.

Algebra mind is brilliant. It is so much more than a way of enhancing a child’s ability to do Algebra; it is a way for a child to stimulate their mental capacity by doing step 1 Algebraic equations, and since it only requires the ability to count to 10, it works for children of any age.

So the Billion Dollar question? Why is Algebra so special? Why is it so essential to intelligence? It’s because Algebra is abstract and it is with the abstract nature of Algebra that the brain muscle is exercised via something called “dendrite stimulation”.

You see, it is not mental growth but the rate of mental growth that separates average from above average and genius; and as the brain deals with abstract problem solving, the dendrites of the brain
 are stimulated and reach out and connect to more and more brain cells.
A brain with little dendrite stimulation
is like a tree with only a few branches and leaves; this, versus a tree with extra dendrite stimulation resulting in a brain with multiple branches and multiple leaves.
 A full grown and healthy tree parallels a full grown and healthy brain.

 The only question is when should the focusing on dendrite stimulation begin for a child? We believe the earlier the better. Genius is indeed born, but in most cases, it is earned. The goal of Algebra Mind is to start the attainment of such genius even as young as 2.

Yes folks, we are Algebra mind; The company that will train your child to do step 1 Algebra problems as soon as they can count to 10 eventually being able to solve for each and every one of them within 9 seconds.









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